Closing skill gaps through personalized learning


To create a culture of learning, build a competency model in weeks and make it actionable


As you can see in this ATD webcast, in order to get employees to own their development and career planning, you have to (1) create a competency model, (2) make it actionable, and (3) accelerate learning transfer. We call this iCompetency and itís how you create a culture of learning.†††

Competency models identify what the organization needs people in a particular role to do in order for the organization to succeed and create competitive advantage. Competency models provide a baseline that tells you what skill gaps exist and what development activities are needed. They intrinsically drive motivation. They provide each person with a road map for how to be great. Competency models, and what you do to make them actionable, are a real solution to closing organizational skill gaps and driving employee engagement and retention.

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To make them actionable, place your models into a competency assessment tool so they are easily accessible, so people can self-assess against it, and be recommended the right Personalized Learning Plan comprised of those learning opportunities, tools and templates that can help them close gaps or increase their proficiency (competency-based learning). Thatís what users have in the ATD Skill Tracker.Try the ATD Skill Tracker for yourself Ė so you can see how iCompetency works for you personally.



If you are interested in learning more about the competency building tool that powers the ATD Skill Tracker or how to drive iCompetency and a culture of learning in your organization: