Closing skill gaps through personalized learning


How To Accelerate Learning Transfer Through Competency-Based Learning


As you heard in the recent ATD webcast, you can’t accelerate learning transfer unless you have relevance and buy-in.  That starts with the creation of a competency model and finishes with having or creating competency-based learning.


If you can assess your capability against a role-based competency model and identify your skill gaps, you’ll be intrinsically motivated to act. When you are presented with personalized, competency-based learning to close those gaps, which are now perfectly aligned to what you need, it creates the best environment for learning transfer to occur. That’s what users have with the ATD Skill Tracker.  Try it for yourself!

Competency-based learning ensures everything you do supports corporate strategy, and employees’ ability to execute it.

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If you are interested in learning more about the competency building tool that powers the ATD Skill Tracker or how to use competency models and competency-based learning to accelerate learning transfer in your organization: